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Presonus 22vsl - включить реверб в реальном времени на голос из микрофона



Добрый вечер,
Есть хорошая, но старая карта Presonus 22VSL нужно вопроизвести ролик с Ютуба с паралельным голосом с микрофона с простыми эффектами (хорус, реверб). Со старыми драйверами это была не проблема там был встроенный микшер, который это все позволял делать, как наложить эффекты сейчас разобраться не могу. Помогите советом, или если кто-то готов подключится то могу предложить оплату настройки. Спасибо заранее!


Satellite dish internet has grown to become an extremely popular choice for people residing in distant places. This technological innovation allows people residing in remote areas to possess access to high-speed internet with no need for a physical link with the traditional substructure of cable or fiber-optic lines. Here are a few regarding the benefits of using satellite dish internet for rural spots:

Accessibility: One for the primary advantages of satellite dish internet is that it really is offered pretty much anywhere. Unlike classic internet possibilities, which require a material link with a net, satellite internet can be easily accessed from any location which has had a clear view associated with the northern sky. This means that regular customers staying in the essential remote areas might have use of high-speed internet.

Dependableness: Satellite dish internet can also be a reliable solution. Contrary to conventional internet options that may be afflicted with electricity blackouts, poor weather, or other physical interferences, satellite internet functions separately for the ground-based infrastructure. Which means even yet in the situation of a normal disaster or other emergency, satellite internet will continue to be operational.

Efficiency: yet another advantageous asset of satellite dish internet is the fact that it could make available high-speed internet. Alongside traditional internet options, people residing in rural areas usually have to manage slower internet speeds. With satellite internet, and yet, speeds of as much as 25Mbps can be performed, that will be more than enough to undertake multiple devices and streaming services.

Price: Satellite dish internet can certainly be an affordable choice for those located in rural areas. The price of installation and equipment may be steep, nevertheless the monthly prices are often similar to if not less expensive than traditional internet options. This will make satellite internet a viable selection for those on a tight budget.

Flexibility: Satellite dish internet can be a versatile option. Together with traditional internet options, staff surviving in rural areas frequently have to manage long-term legal contracts plus strict data usage limits. With satellite internet, there are not any contracts with no data usage limits, which means people can use the world wide web because they need certainly to.

Productivity: One of the most important great things about satellite dish internet may be the increased productivity it permits. With high-speed internet, people living in rural areas can work from your home, run their particular businesses, and gain access to online instructional sources. This improved work productivity may cause better economical solutions and a higher total well being for individuals surviving in rural areas.

In summary, satellite dish internet is a superb choice for those located in rural areas. It really is available pretty much anywhere, secure, rapid, low-cost, functional and certainly will increase production. Because of the technology continuing to boost, it's likely that satellite dish internet can be a much more popular choice for people surviving in remote locations. Because the internet becomes an extremely important section of everyday life, satellite dish internet is a good method for individuals in rural areas to keep connected while having usage of exactly the same possibilities as those surviving in more urbanized regions.

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